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Danye Johnston

As a full-time Artist, Danyne finds inspiration and an almost spiritual connection with our Beautiful West Coast.  While either painting Plein Air or in her Studio, she loves the strong contrasts between bright sunshine, rich shadows and misty light.  Even deeper, it is the ancient soul of the land, the history and the spirits that live there.  Hiding symbols and words like hope, harmony and peace, in amongst the foliage, she hopes to imbed soul, inspiration and meaning into her work.

Danyne participates in 8-10 Art Exhibitions per year including the North Shore Art Crawl, The Harmony Arts Festival Art Market, Circle Craft Christmas Show, 100 years for 100 Artists and Juror’s Choice shows at the Ferry Building,  and numerous NS Artists Guild shows. She sells approximately 60-70 paintings per year including 52 at the 2018 Harmony Art Market. Her work is in the Vol. 4 of the Artists of BC Series.

See more of Danyne's work:
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