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Talin Wayrynen

World traveler, Animator, Third Assistant Director – these are a few titles one could use to describe Vancouver, BC’s Talin Wayrynen. This year, we will be able to add a new one to the list: Artist. Having just shown at the Art! Vancouver 2018 show, Talin’s passions for film and travelling appear to have seamlessly come together in a collection of stunning images. Displaying his aptitude for aerial photography, Talin enjoys using drones to document his moments spent seaside. Last summer in Horseshoe Bay, he managed to capture footage of a group of killer whales swimming by the marina, which was later featured by the CBC.


Talin was born into a family of diverse creative talent. His mother, aunt and two sisters are all active painters. “I haven’t touched a paintbrush in a long time, but still get paint on me all the time from bumping into wet canvases everywhere,” Talin laughs. Perhaps it is this background that has helped foster his photographer’s eye, but it is also clear that the emerging artist is forging his own path. “I plan on doing more travelling and getting as much footage as I can,” he says. We can’t wait to see what his future holds.

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