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Tori Swanson

My Artwork…. I received my certificate in Fine Arts at Langara College, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I initially focused on the female form in line drawings. I remember attending my first drawing class and being in AWE of the bravery of the nude and curvaceous women posing so confidently in front of a class of students. I hung out in the back, afraid to make eye contact too long because I was so ashamed of myself and my own body. I can still remember to this day the moment I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I was ready to turn my life around. My artwork continues to evolve, and now my artwork focuses on the limitless boundaries and what it means to be human experiencing a spiritual way of living. My artwork poses perspective on what it means to grapple with our ego, and truly live our lives leading with our hearts. My process is very simple. Before I create a piece, I place myself in a meditative state and I allow myself to receive visions from the divine universe. I see in bold colours, and lines, and I paint it. Sometimes it takes me weeks, and most of the time, I can finish a painting within an hour or so, when I am totally connected. It is not me, Tori, the personality painting, I’m simply a source of divine inspiration to channel through me. I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo, and her unapologetic vivacious colours, and abstract artists like Basquiat who painted with expression with a certain raw and messy texture, and Picasso, who saw the world with a different perspective.

See more of Tori's work: or @toriswansonart
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